Costa Daurada

The Costa Daurada is the tourist region that encompasses both the coastal area located in the southern part of Catalonia as their populations of the interior of the Camp de Tarragona.

Its capital is Tarragona and is divided into six districts and 131 municipalities. It has an area of about 3,000 sqkm, it is bordered by Barcelona to the North, Lleida and Aragon to the West, and South with the lands of the Ebre river.

Its privileged location allows you to have a very varied territory, stretching from the mountains to the coast, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

Formed by the counties of L'alt Camp, with its capital Valls, Baix Camp with its capital Reus, Conca de Barberà with its capital Montblanc, Priorat with Falset as its capital, the Tarragonès with his capital Tarragona and Baix Penedès with its capital El Vendrell.

The Costa Daurada name comes from the golden color that becomes the sand of its beaches when the sun shines. But not only is the golden color predominant in this land. The inland are packed with all the shades of green and Brown, with tree trunks, leaves and trees, especially pines.

The coast is dramatically dominated by the blue of the sea which washes the beaches, which contrasts with the brightness of the sand and the orange color that takes in the sunset.


The Costa Daurada and their populations of the interior enjoy a typically Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures in winter and warm summers with little rainfall.

In winter, the wind mistral or cierzo from the North-West and the garbí blows from the South-West, and in summer there is a low degree of humidity that away the mists.

The mountainous terrain makes the climate stable, ideal for enjoying outdoor activities year-round. Temperatures range from 14 on average winter and in summer between 20 ° and 29 °. It should be noted the contrast between the coastal areas and mountain, where the global average temperature is lower 2 ° to 4 °.

Rain is concentrated in autumn and especially in the spring, although summer of short duration and high intensity storms is frequent.